Album Cover missing when transfer songs from NAS to Internal HD

Hi, everybody, i transfer all my songs from my NAS to my internal HD. After doing so , all my album cover cant see in Roon, any body can help?

You could try restarting the Roon core.
Also check if is Roon still analysing the tracks post move (do you see the small spinning circle?)

Also try to select all albums and select “rescan”

This may display the covers without a restart.

@mike. FYI I logged something like this a few weeks ago.

Thx for all your reply, how to selec all album?

Ctrl-A (or CMD-A if on a Mac).

i use roonsever headless, so i just use ipad to control.

Long click/press hold on an album cover until it changes background colour

Then open the options in very TOP LEFT CORNER of screen and SELECT ALL