Album covers mixed up

Roon Core Machine

2 different servers, don’t have access to get details

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mixed, two different houses with complicated setups of wifi/internet/routers/switches

Connected Audio Devices

Again mixed and too many to list. Chromecasts, Onkyo receiver with built-in chromecast, and various raspberry pi’s with hats running Roon server

Library Size

Maybe 3000 tracks in local library but happens with streamed music from qobuz and tidal also.

Description of Issue

Album covers are mixed up. For an album in my streaming history or local library I see a cover from a different album. For instance a Joe Satriani album may have the cover art for Billie Eilish (which is quite disturbing).

Is there a way to clear cover art cache or change the source of album art?

Seems like this started after an upgrade but I can’t be sure. It happens on android roon client as well as mac desktop client.

Hey @Jay_Kraly,

Sorry about the trouble :pensive:

You’re on the right path: trying to clear the image cache is a great step. Could you please navigate to Settings → Setup → Clear Image Cache.

Does it help?

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