Album Covers not being displayed in " My Library"

Core Machine

Innuos Zenith Mk.3

Network Details

Fios Router / Ethernet Out to Innuos

Audio Devices

Zenith USB to Mutec Reclocker/ Chord TT2

Description of Issue

A majority of the Album Covers are not being displayed within My Roon Library. Would there be some type of a reset , or restore to resolve this issue?

You Can start by cleaning the cache.

I actually cleared the cache to try to fix an issue with songs skipping to next song during mid play. After I cleared the cache is when I started not seeing album covers.
I went into the advanced setting within my Innuos and performed a Clear Roon Database. After that , I could not log into Roon. Eventually I was able to gain access to Roon , but I had to sign in and reset everything again. I see can see my album covers now with in my Roon library. Not sure if this was the best way to fix my issue though.

Hmm. Do you still have your favorites, play history, playlists, etc?

No , unfortunately I lost all of that.

I was kind of hoping that actually someone from Roon would try to help with this matter. Is there a specific way to contact Roon for support , or do they just leave it up to whoever answers customers questions?

Hi Tim,

You can ping anyone, including support by using an @ sign in front. So, @support which just pinged all of the support team.

If you performed a Clear Roon Database then you basically flushed your old database and restarted with a new one. You will need to restore a backup to get the stuff you lost back. The FAQ on Backups is here.

Hey @Timothy_Morrow,

Thanks for creating a post on community - we’re sorry you’ve ran into issues with the display of album covers. We’d love to help sort this out.

Could you please also let us know the source of the albums in your Roon library? Are they from your local library or TIDAL/Qobuz?

If you search for the album, is the artwork displayed?

Have you completely rebooted your Roon Core? By that I mean, hold down the power button until the Core is turned off, unplug it for about 2-3 minutes, plug it back in and restart it?

Thanks in advance :pray: