Album Covers & Overiew Different?

Hi, maybe it is only my problem, but I ran into some issues regarding album covers. I did import my iTunes Music Folder (about 550 albums in ALAC Lossless) using 1.0 Build 15 for Mac. These albums were recently checked to be 99% correct (covers, artists, song names etc.). Most of these albums covers look right in the full & edit mode (large screen), while quite a lot of them are not matching in the overview & small pic mode (arbitrary images or covers from other albums of my collection). Now, when I would edit them often the option of the existing (large) cover is not available. So I have to use some workarounds to find and import these from the originals. Interestingly enough, if I would Identify the album it would state the correct album, but not import the linked image when I click save. So is this a database or feature issue? I would expect the album overview (large or small pics) to use smaller pics of the original images instead of sometimes completely different ones.

Update. Even more weird. It appears (some or even all?) of the albums I was editing because of this issue were right from the beginning - on the server (I edited using the remote app). I checked for some of the ones I have not edited yet and they appeared different on server / remote. Another weird fact is, that some of the covers I had to manually export from iTunes were changed to arbitrary ones when imported in the remote app. The files were JPEG and I checked them in Preview. I tried the same on the server and it worked fine. So it seems there is some problem related to the remote / server mode.

I have seen this too. They’re looking into it.

So it seems there is some problem related to the remote / server mode.

I think we understand what’s going on here.

Please try deleting your cache directory on the remote control:

  • Exit Roon
  • Delete the /Users/USER/Library/Roon/Cache folder
  • Start Roon again and check to see if the images are correct

Deleting cache won’t fix the issue permanently–we have to do that on our end, but it will confirm for us that we understand the nature of the problem. Fingers crossed that it’s just a caching problem and not something deeper :wink:


Because of some problems I had to un- and Reinstall the server app 1.0 (Build 16). I then did reconnect new from remote and since then it seems to work. I will keep an eye on this.