Album covers slow to load or missing

Anyone else having issues with covers being slow to load or not loading up at all today? Some (cached?) are absolutely fine.

Based in the UK.

Yes. I just experienced it here in Oz. Let’s drop a flag for @mike and @danny and see if it’s server trouble on the Roon end.

Thanks Andy

Possibly related, I added a Tidal album which did have a cover to my library this morning and Roon added it without the cover :smile:. I manually edited the metadata to rectify it.

Same in Germany at the moment. Albums add fine, just without the cover.

Same for me today but appears to be back to normal now.

Notice it also here in Alabama, USA.

Anne Bisson - no art.

Other searches turn up okay.


I saw this earlier as well, but it seems resolved for me now. How about you guys?

The artist Anne Bisson now appears in Roon.

Back to normal for me.

Yes, For a time yesterday Tidal albums weren’t being shown, and “Add to library” wasn’t working. Seems to be OK now though…

Yes, seems to be OK now, Mike.

Thanks for the quick reply! It is software after all and software sometimes has to be restarted. I will let you know if it does it repeatedly.