Album Deals and Specials

I thought I’d start a thread about album deals that I come across. Whether they are specials or limited time deals.

Today, I came across

Allan Holdsworth
The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever (12 disc box set)
24-bit/96kHz FLAC
97 Tracks

14.99 USD at 7digital


Thank you for this! I have most of these on CD, but I am interested in hearing the remastered versions.

Does the download include a PDF of the 40 page booklet?

P.S. I’ve bought a number of titles from 7 Digital, but their search capabilities are awful! How did you even find this?

No it did not. :disappointed:

Luck. I’d had this in my “Things to purchase someday” list since he passed away earlier this year.

I bought the album - thanks again for the heads up.

It seems that 7 digital does not have PDF liner notes for many (most?) albums…

Haha, luck is right! I don’t understand their business model - sometimes I think they don’t to make it easy to find and buy from them.

7 Digital are more wholesalers than sellers to end users.

Okay, I found another Deal

Title: J.S. Bach: Suiten fur Violoncello
Artist: Thomas Demenga
Genre: Classical
Label: ECM New Series

Is on HDTracks for 20.99 as a 24/96 download. Given that the CD is 24.00 on Amazon, I think it is quite a bargain.