Album delete issue using phone app [Not presently supported]


Still need to ask how does one remove an album from your room library after its been added ?

I’m using my phone and click the 3 dots but there is no remove option ?

Am I doing something wrong or again…is this another limitation of Android phones and Roon ! Thanks

The phone app does not have advanced features. Just the basics by design

I would not class this as an advanced feature. You can add the album but can’t delete it ?? Doesn’t make any sense. I appreciate that you have limitations on the phones etc but doesn’t make sense.

The phone app does not, and isn’t designed to give the Roon experience. People want Apple Watch apps and then down the road they will want all the features on it :joy:
Phone app is to play Music quickly, that’s it…

Understood Chris. Thanks again.

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No more moaning promise. :+1:

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