Album display: Format vs Version

I was starting to think I was getting a handle on the verbiage. Then I look:

Same album different “version”

I feel like it is different answers to the same question.
Thank you.

Some of these things are just to make you question your understanding of Roon… And some are just coz

Version info can come from your album file tags or folder names – if you’re seeing something that looks like format info, it’s probably coming from one of those places.

For example, this album title in your file tags:

Kind Of Blue [24-Bit/96.0 kHz]

Or if the album is stored in a folder:

/Music/Miles Davis/Kind Of Blue [24 Bit/96.0 kHz]/

The point of the Version field is to help you distinguish between multiple copies of the same album, so when it’s present this information is automatically populated for easy differentiation.

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Version is derived from tagging, format is file format, I’d say.
Mike’s been faster…

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Thank you, I’ll need to find out what, where is saying these things.
I’ve missed something or flipped some bit I do not recall.

It’s in your import settings.

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