Album duplication: Flying Colors - Kayla [Live]

Hi @support!
These singles are a duplication of the same release.

The first one Kayla (Live) gets its data from Tidal and MusicBrainz, while the second one Kayla [Live] gets its data from AllMusic.

It is possible to merge them into a unique release as it actually is?
Thank you!

Please, I cannot solve this by myself. Can you find a moment to help me?

Hi @Marco_Bisi

We are looking into this. Thanks for letting us know!

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Any news about this?

Any news about this please? It is still showing two separate releases instead of one

Hello @Marco_Bisi

My apologies for the delayed response. Some of these equivalence issues are difficult to sort out due to the complexity in tracking the specific origins of the metadata source.

I’ll investigate this case further and see what we can do here. As is often the case with metadata issues we’re unable to offer any kind of time for when metadata providers may address these corrections.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. :+1:

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