Album dynamic range

I have the dynamic range option checked in the album editing screen but I have yet to see any albums/tracks I stream from Tidal with any value for DR. Is it me? What else do I have to edit to see it?

You can only get the Dynamic Range (DR) value after Roon has analyzed a song, which it only does for albums that you actually own. It does not analyze streamed content, even when it is added to your library.

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Thanks very much for the quick response. Got it now.

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I believe that information is only available through analysis of tracks in your local library, not tracks available via Qobuz or Tidal. Not sure this is up-to-date for 1.8, but here’s the Roon Knowledge base entry on audio analysis.

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Goto Tracks View, on the top right use the Gear Icon to add Dynamic Range and Path, then you can sort Ascending / Descending on the Dynamic Range column. What you’ll see is everything with a Dynamic Range is in your library.

My guess is that the Roon’s Audio Analysis settings, read your music and identify the Dynamic Range.

What does everyone else see / find ?

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