Album Editor Screen Movement


I have searched the forum & it appears this has not been spoken about. If it has please ignore & a link would be handy for reading. Thank you.

What I find rather limiting is the editing screen that doesn’t ‘float’ (is that the correct technical term?). It just sits bang smack in the middle of my screen.

As the editing function is used regularly, having the ability to move the screen, so that one can look at the album, pages on the internet to confirm data and so on I believe makes for a more user-friendly interface, along with it being a time-saver.

Thank you for your consideration…



Unless I am missing something here or I’ve titled this post poorly, I am surprised by the distinct lack of responses. It seemed to me a virtual ‘no-brainer’. how hard it would be to implement I can’t say. However, given people are continually editing, the ability to move the screen can only make this crucial function ‘that much’ better.