Album "Editorial Summary" needs some improvements

I really like Roon’s “Editorial Summaries” that accompany most of the discs I own. I’ve noticed that several have redundant sentences secondary to poor editing which makes the product feel less polished.

I have many versions of several discs. Depending on which I’m playing, the Editorial will often just discuss the details of that particular reissue or remaster disc and not be what is written for the original issued disc which is really what I’m looking to read. It would be great to be able to link to the original editorial even if one doesn’t own the original issued disc about which it is written. Now the only way to read the main editorial is to be playing the original issued disc- which I often don’t own!!!

Otherwise, great product.



I’ve noticed quite a lot of repetition in the text of the reviews also. It usually occurs at the end of the review and quite often just before an addendum in square brackets regarding a later edition. I suspect its a bug with the text handling and am trying to find a pattern to assist in identifying the problem.

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As far as I can tell, the metadata used by Roon comes from Rovi. also uses Rovi metadata so that should make it pretty straight-forward to tell whether the issue is with the metadata itself or the ingest process.

I’ve noticed the repetition too. If it’s coming from the source (Rovi or Allmusic or whatever), then maybe the best thing to do would be to allow us users to edit it on our machines, and store this change in the local Roon database.

This ties in with another feature request which I put in some time ago - to allow the user to add further reviews for albums, rather than just be stuck with the one main/default review. So the user could, as DSNORD might like, enter the main (or original issued disc) album review, or they could enter some information specific to that particular release - or both. They could add a second review from another favourite source, or perhaps even a third review. I would suggest that the main review continues to be the default one that Roon uses (though with the ability to edit it), with the user being able to press buttons to read the other review which the user has put in. This expanded metadata editing would be great, and I hope that it is a part of the forthcoming expanded metadata editing capabilities that the Roon team is planning - or if not exactly this then something similar or something in the near future.

This would be great in some sort of hierarchy, such as:

Main/default/original issued disc review —> then —> review or information regarding this specific release of that album —> then —> lineage/source/original media of this specific copy of this specific album (e.g. CD rip, vinyl rip, web/download, DVD, SACD, cassette, DAT, etc).


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Yep, this is happening to me too. I haven’t detected a common thread yet - doesn’t seem to be limited to anything specific.

+1 on it happening to me at end if reviews as well.

Here’s an example :-

Part of the last sentence, before the brackets, repeats…

Yeah – I’m seeing stuff like that all the time. Seems like at least 25% of the reviews. I don’t recall seeing it in early releases of Roon, but I’m not sure of that.

Another one…you get the picture :-

Yep, you don’t see those issues in the same metadata on

I’m noticing this too. Running the latest updates.

I think it’s only on descriptions that end with an update in brackets like shown above: [An LP … 2014]

More evidence that suggests (square) brackets might have an influence :-

And another :-

I was just wondering if there had ever been any porgress on this issue as I see it quite often in my metadata. As stated, towards the end, and when there is text within [ ]

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