Album -> Focus composer vs. Composer->Overview

![image|375x500](upload://toAiQcT6enpbABZOydkUruHrGrj.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://7xFKJcIyeAUcvBfD9al6bZwtCBD.jpeg)

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I am using the new 1.8. and tried two views for my classical collection. Which is the to be expected difference between: Album->Focus on composer and Composer->overwiew.

In my collection it I saw for a quite unknown composer (Eybler) a for me suprising result:
Album->Focus on Eybler: Shows 4 albums.
Composer Eybler->Overview: Shows only 1 album.

Is there a reason/ explanation for this difference?

Didn’t see your screen shots, so i tried some tricks.
I cannot explain the diffference though, but sometimes the view includes objects from streaming services, and sometimes only from your library. i don’t know if that might explain this though.

Thank you Mikael,
Just I detected something in the first screen shot (Composer->overview):
It seems that the filter only shows „lossy“ albums (the majority of my collection however is in lossless FLAC“).
But I found no way to avoid this. May be someone knows a hint?

Well, the Fokus screen shows what you havein your library. (the album displayed is a lossy one)
Can you look into whether all of your albums are identified?

I made some further checks- also with other composers. In several cases I get less albums via the path Composer->Overview in comparison to Album->Focus on Composer. But still I have no clue. My assumption concerning the format is not correct. Are there specific tags relevant for Composer->Overview (besides the composer name)?