Album format icon on Browser - Don't display for CD quality

Really like this feature, but as the majority of my library is CD quality, with only minimal (but growing) HD/DSD files, I’d love to be able to display this icon only on albums that aren’t CD quality. This would make it much easier to spot the high res versions, which is what I’m really using it for, whereas having labels on everything makes it harder to spot.

I’d even be happy with colour coded dots or whatever.

Not super-important, but would be helpful.

FYI, the format icon also currently sits on top of the ‘new’ banner for newly added albums.

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Hi Steve,
I assume you know that you could use focus so that the album browser only displays hires albums … and then create a bookmark for ease of recall.

Yup, thanks Carl - I do do that, but at that point the icons are redundant anyway.

It’s more for casual browsing I was thinking about.

I think that’s not a bad idea at all. Have the OPTION to only show this info if it isn’t CD. So the info would only be there if it was a lower quality (e.g. MP3) or higher quality (e.g. 24/192) than CD/redbook.

Too many icons. BUT, A border denoting resolution would be cool.

Daniel, what is being proposed is actually a reduction in the number of icons. So the “CD” icon would disappear, basically.

In my case thats what I was thinking, but I actually thought it would be the prevalent format that disappeared - so if someones library was primarily DSD, with a few CDs, only the CDs would should in that case - i.e. highlight what makes more sense to highlight.

If that makes sense :wink:

That’s also a nice idea…

Another software that I used to use showed the album cover in a “Cd jewel case” if it was CD format, and a “vinyl sleeve” case if it was higher res. I liked having the image in a case as it looked more like the actual physical media rather than just am image of the album cover. Nowadays with digital downloads etc, perhaps that is less relevant.