Album format icon on Browser

we have been using Roon with great pleasure as a community of music lovers for some time now.
What we would like to see is that the exact file format/extension to be shown superimposed onto the album art as in the case of Tidal availability.
The main reason for this request is that all of us have ripped/purchased various quality variants of multiple albums and we would like to be able to distinguish the latest and greatest DSD ones at a quick glance for instance.

Going to Settings / General and switching on “Show Album Format on Browser” doesn’t do it for you?


Do you have “show album format in browser” enabled in Roon’s Settings–> General ?

When enabled then for example if file is DSD format then Roon will display DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, etc. In the top left corner of the album art in the album browser page.