Album icon size, the effect of search, scrolling (new to roon, first impressions)

i’ll collect my initial whines in a single post.

  1. my default display is album cover icons, set to the smallest size i can specify, which gives me about 3 x 8 images; fewer still using the ipad app. the option to display a greater number of smaller icons would be a definite improvement (for me). a slider-bar to set size even more so. and an option to suppress title/artist information would be welcome.

  2. i would rather ‘search’ simply restrict the default view: show only those albums which satisfy the search criterion (i realize that this is very itunesian).

  3. i see that others have weighed in on this topic, so i’ll just cast my vote: an option to prefer vertical scrolling.

For 2. Does filter rather than search do what you want?

filter for ad hoc search? i didn’t realize that was an option.

Search then filter I think.