Album identification and lyrics with duplicate albums

Downloaded a 24x192 CSNY Deja Vu album from HDtracks - Roon automatically identifies it OK but associates no lyrics with any of the tracks. The 24x192 Vinyl Rip of the same album, same name, same metadata, etc as far as I can see for both albums. I just reference the release notes and tries the Re-Identify function on this album using the edit function. I has been “re-identify” for 15 minutes, without results with Roon saying it is “Adding Music to Library, of 10 tracks, 10 added, 0 identified”. I guess I’m just going to shut down and restart Roon and see if this clears this up. I have noticed that many of the duplicates albums I have gotten from HDtracks are automatically identified by Roon but have no lyrics while the Vinyl rips of the same album with the same track sequence and track name do have lyrics.

Never got a reply to this issue when I posted it to metadata - so I have changed it to support. Further investigation seems to show that a songs lyrics will only be available once. Once a track has lyrics shown for it, the same track in other duplicate “albums” will not. Is this a limitation of the licensing of the lyrics? Some clarification would be helpful - particularly if there is some way to get the lyrics to be available for all instances of a track.

others are having this problem as well