Album identification clears genre assignments

Album identification removes genre assignments I’ve made inside the Roon application. To illustrate:

  1. Before identification:

There are three genres assigned, two from file tags and one added in Roon:

  1. Identification removes the genre added in Roon (“J/R/P”):


Are changes I make inside Roon supposed to get overwritten by identification?

For reference - my genre settings:

Update: I’m not sure why this is thought to be a metadata issue - or is everything what somehow affects metadata supposed to go here no matter what the cause for the issue is?

As far as I have noticed, any edits you’ve done get reverted if you go through the identification process again.

I’ve just tested this - it doesn’t seem to be the case for the genres I’ve added to unidentified albums. Those get removed and re-identify doesn’t bring it back.

Interestingly, automatic identification of previously unidentified albums didn’t cause the “clean-up”. I will keep an eye on it when the next batch of albums gets identified tomorrow. If the custom genre sticks then most is fine. If I do a forced / manual identification, it’s not much trouble to reassign a genre.

Update: Indeed genre(s) assigned manually did stick while Roon did an automatic identification in the background again.

Summary: So it’s just when an identification is forced manually only genres from file tags are kept if set so in preferences but not genres (created and) assigned inside the Roon application.

Since I do know this now and nobody else seems to have a problem with it I mark it as (self) solved. :sunglasses:

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