Album Identifying issue

Hi ev’ryone! Got this constant problem: after working/playing for a while ROON hangs/stucks on task of identifying album. Only ROCK reboot helps, sometimes not from the first attempt. ROCK is on Intel NUC i5 10th gen. Connected by Ethernet to router and NAS. My internet account allows 200 Mb/s stable connection 24/7.
I’ve read here about some problems cured temporarily by reboot, but are there another more permanent cure?
Thanx for your reply.

Hi @Mikhail_Shklyarenko,

Are you getting any error messages? Is there a spinner in the upper-right?

Can you give us some details about your network (router model, switches and other networking gear involved)? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 13.54.37
Router is latest Apple TimeCapsule, switch - don’t remember model and make, but it supports Gigabit network. Cables also support it. Shall I give you more info? Thank you!

Hello @Mikhail_Shklyarenko, so if you reboot, the metadata improver message goes away. How long until it returns? Also, is that a managed switch? If you connect the core directly to the router?

Hi! Well, yes, after rebooting message goes away and ev’rything works properly for a while. Didn’t measured for how long. Maybe an album or two… Something between minutes and hours. Can’t say precisely.
Eh, the switch is not managed, and it’s quite complicated to connect ROCK directly to router.

Hello @Mikhail_Shklyarenko, would it be possible for you to try a separate machine as a core temporarily to see if you can reproduce the issue? Usually, the issue is resolved by a reboot as you’ve seen, so in the situations where it isn’t, we’d like to find out what might make your setup different.

Hi! Did it on my MacBook Pro 15" late 2013. Issue has gone. But this configuration limits me in convenience and quality. my laptop is quite old and running ROON and some heavy program, like Lightroom or Photoshop simultaneously makes computer to lag and app to hang. That’s why I’ve bought NUC and made it ROCK.
So, what you can suggest? Thank you.

Well, several hours passed - no issues (fingers crossed :wink: )
So, what I’ve done: first, I returned core to ROCK, then uninstalled ROON from my Mac, made some cleaning and repairing on it, changed one of two primary DNS on router to, because somewhere I’ve noticed somebody suggested it, changed places of my audiosetup components on the rack, also disconnected ROCK, moved it onto the new position, connected ev’rything again, reinstalled ROON on laptop. It works. I don’t know what and how, but it helped. Thank you everybody for your concern.

Hello @Mikhail_Shklyarenko, glad things are working again! Please let me know if you have any further issues.

Sure I will! And thanx a lot! By the way, it’s more than 24 hours without problem.

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