Album image in 'My Albums' view incorrect no matter what I do

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on dedicated NUC Corei7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired gigabit ethernet to NAS storage (Synology DS1819+)

Connected Audio Devices

Grimm Audio MU1 to Grimm audio LS1 speakers

Number of Tracks in Library

570000 tracks - 32000 albums

Description of Issue

Did a restore today, because (for some unknown mysterious reason) a bunch of older albums were showing up at the top of my view when I select ‘date added’ as the preferred view.
After the restore, a couple of classical albums now show up with the cover image of a 1970s Funk collection. I have tried the following:

  1. edit the album and manually point to the cover image → no change
  2. remove the album, force rescan, re-add the album, force rescan → still showing the funk album image
    BUT, when I click on the album cover , the subsequent screen which shows the album with all its tracks, the correct album cover is shown.
    So it’s only on the general ‘my albums’ page that the album cover image is incorrect. How/where can I adjust that?

Try clearing the image cache from Settings > Setup > Clear Image Cache > Clear Cache.

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what will that do to all the albums where I successfully changed the album cover because roon didn’t automatically recognize the correct cover image?

Have you tried rebooting the server?

rebooted a few minutes ago. Will take a while to come back up

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rebooted. issue still there.

Nothing, it’s not deleting the actual images, the cache is just an intermediate quick-access storage where it can quickly retrieve images without going to the actual database record, which is a slower operation.

After cleaning the cache, it will recreate a fresh one by going back to the actual database records, which hopefully should contain the correct images.

Caches are a common technique to speed up accesses, but they have a tendency to become corrupted or to contain the wrong image or other data for something. Hence why nearly every app that uses caches has some cache cleaning function just like Roon. (E.g. every Android app has a “delete cache” in the app properties, which is a separate button to “delete data”)

thank you all for your inputs. Clearing the image cache fixed the issue!

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