Album Import Date - Extracting it from Sooloos Library

I have many 1000’s of albums that where ripped using Sooloos.

When I moved to Roon I exported them to native files and then setup Roon to watch those folders which Roon then ingested. All good, well not quite.

This has resulted in the majority of albums in my collection have the same [Roon] imported date and I can’t use the prefer file date option as these files all have the date of when that Sooloos export took place.

Sooloos (which I can still fire up on demand in required) knows the true input dates in its database … I was hoping that one day either:

  • Sooloos would set the exported file date to match the album’s import date.
  • Roon would be able to extract the import data from the Sooloos library.

I don’t see Meridian Sooloos cooperating and to be honest it would a right faff no to have to re-export all my files again (it took a solid 7x24 hours last time).

Thus my request is that Roon (with their intermit knowledge of both Roon and Sooloos) could offer a solution.

Until then (or I try to reverse engineer and build a migration utility app … time effort, risk) I’ll just reluctantly live with it.