Album is split into 12/4 songs

Roon Core (Windows 10 Pro 1909) version 1.7 build 537 (the data base did update) i5 7400 I believe, plenty fast

Lan, Unifi 8 poe port switch, fiber optic, to another 8 port poe switch, short jumper to my USG‑PRO‑4 Security Gateway

Audio Devices RME ADI-2 DAC connected USB to my Roon core

I have 2876 albums 40685 tracks so some experience with this.
Peter Gabriel - Shaking the Tree: Sixteen song version splits in two. One listing with 4 songs, the other 12 but 4 songs repeated twice. When you play a duplicate song you get level meters next to both, I have checked file info both originate in same directory. My screenshots show paths and locations. There are no duplicate files and Meta data is correct. The ID Tag screenshot is DB poweramp. Normally I have no trouble fixing these with an errant bit of meta data but these look fine. Please look closely at screenshots I did notice one difference the set of 4 have dynamic range of 8 where the set of 12 with 4 dups is dynamic range of 12 have looked at tags with MP3Tag as well nothing unusual. I have clicked identify but the song lengths for the 7 options listed are incorrect and all options are CD or digital downloads not SACD. My screenshot includes catalog number in comments and song lengths match Discogs listing. Stay safe


Hi @Jerry_B,

Would you kindly zip up the entire Shaking Tree album folder and share it with us here? We’ll take a look at this album on our end.


done thanks
Have a feeling it might be related to songs not being identified at correct length. Usually meta data and or putting songs inside a disc 1 directory corrects this. The duplicates on the side are PCM flac’s and SACD rips. Like to compare sound quality when folks from our AV club pop over for a listen. This one I only have as SACD.
Stay safe

Thanks, @Jerry_B — I’ll pass this along to the team for further investigation.

@dylan Removed files from library, cleaned up library, then added files back to library and album is correctly identified.
Case resolved thanks
Stay safe

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