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Why is all my own albums, not already in my library?
When I play one of my own albums, I always have the option to
“Add to library” . I really don’t understand this behavior.
I also wonder. If I “play artist” it seems that Roon prefers Tidal versions over local ? Even if I own all albums by a artist, Roon still prefer Tidal version even though that my own version is marked “primary version “?

Hey @Michael_Callesen,

Thank so much for your patience while we got a chance to reply - we’re working our way to reply to every request we’ve received since the Roon 1.8 release. It is taking us longer than we had hoped.

We have created a great article explaining the difference between albums in your library and albums outside of it:

As for the version of the album that Roon plays, you can make that selection on the Versions tab of the album by selecting the version you prefer as the Primary Version:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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