Album like button not showing a heart

Hi everyone,

I am simply wondering what this pictogram means in place of the “album like” button :

It’s like a third click-state has been added : if I click on it, it becomes the regular like button, but three clicks bring me back to this one.

(Sorry if this question has been asked before, the search I did didn’t bring me any results, maybe because I didn’t use the right keywords.)

Thanks in advance for the help.


It means ban this artist from roon radio.

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For all the album I “liked” over the years, I never realized a third state existed.

Thanks for the answer!

It’s worth having a read of the roon knowledge base, there’s all sorts of stuff to discover. I’ve been using it for years and I find new things still.

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And from other things as well, I think anywhere. Banned tracks are also skipped when playing an album, for instance. (Except in ARC which is a known issue)

There you go, learned something new; I didn’t know about the banned tracks skipping when you play an album.
Thanks :+1:@suedkiez

It helps sometimes with bonus tracks that one doesn’t want. But unfortunately the state can’t be changed for a multiselection of tracks, so it’s not a great solution for turning tracks off and on regularly

Yes bonus tracks come to mind. I regularly delete CD2 of the “extended edition” as it’s often the sweepings of the studio floor IMHO but this is a more elegant solution.

It’s unfortunately a rather blunt instrument as banning & unbanning a track needs multiple clicks and multiselection does not work. And just because I don’t usually want to hear the bonus track after the proper album ends, it does not mean that I never want to hear it on radio. But it’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

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