Album missing in Roon [Recycler - Solved]


First time poster, I’ve been using Roon for about a year now (lifetime subscription). Really nice features and development keeps adding new.
A few albums have not imported correctly, or partial albums. Most of them have either been reripped or new versions of Roon have helped adding them.
I do however have one album that I find a bit strange, because if I add the main music folder, it does not see it. However, if I add that specific path to the album, it does include it in Roon.
The album in question is ZZ Top - Recycler. I’m using Roon on Windows 10, also just installed the linux version on my Synology NAS, but same issue here.
Files are located on the Synology NAS, using SMB over the network or locally on the NAS.
Network is Gbit with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter and a Cisco SG-200 switch. All devices are wired.
The path on the NAS would be \IP-to-NAS\Music\ZZ Top\Recycler. Don’t know if Roon skip that path by default cause of the name?

As I said, I do have a workaround, but would be nice to not have to do it that way.

Thank you.


I think we’ve actually seen this issue before with that ZZ Top album :slight_smile:

Give this article a read. I think you should be all set if you rename this folder:

Roon skips folders named Recycler :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you! Renaming the folder did the trick, remember reading that link last year when I setup Roon, but forgot about it. :smiley:

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