Album Missing, Tracks Show when Combining Different Album


I have the albums Chicago V and Chicago VI in my library. Chicago V displays as three separate albums (all of its tracks are tagged identically - except for track numbers and track names). Chicago VI does not appear anywhere in Roon.

If I view the three Chicago V albums, they each show a subset of the tracks in that album. When I go to combine them, then Chicago VI album tracks are included as part of the mix.

I have tried removing the entire library, and then re-scanning. I have also disabled the full library path, and then added a separate entry containing just the path that contains the various Chicago albums. The behavior remains - within this very small set of albums.

Any suggestions? Is there something I can send you that would help with this?

I would start by double checking the meta-data in those files with something like MP3TAG. I’m always surprised, even though I shouldn’t be, at how badly some ripping software tags the data or how bad the metadata can be in some downloads.