Album - No Time for Dreaming, Charles Bradley: not found via Roon search but available on Qobuz

Can’t work out why this album on Qobuz is not picked up under Albums via the artist, or directly in a search in Roon for ‘No Time for Dreaming, Charles Bradley’ or '‘No Time for Dreaming’ -although it is clearly accessible by Roon. Suspect this is a metadata issue, but not sure.

album in Qobuz interface

Roon: Main Albums for Charles Bradley shown in Roon:
(It is also not listed under any of the other categories on the Artist page)

It is a relatively recent release (October 31) but I know it is accessible in Roon because the similarly named track on this album shows under ‘tracks’ for the searches above, which allows to navigate to the album page, and I can access the album this way, add it to my library, play tracks etc.

correct album visible for one of the track results:

and accessible in Roon

Perhaps it has something to do with the 2 following entries on the Roon track results lists above?

  • Both are instrumental tracks on versions of the separate '‘No Time for Dreaming (Instrumentals)’ album, but for one of them the Album is labelled without the ‘instrumentals’ postfix.
  • Selecting the’ instrumentals’ album with the postfix tells me all tracks on this correctly labelled version are unavailable.

The final point above is not too surprising because the only version of the instrumentals release on Qobuz does not include the postfix, so is named identical to the album I am looking for:

Instrumentals album in Qobuz interface:

Hi @ToneDeaf,

First, let’s focus on this:

What happens if you click the artist link from the album in Roon? Does it bring up the correct artist but you don’t see this album? Can you share a screenshot?


With further down other albums etc from the correct artist.

Previous screenshots were after it was added to library. When I remove it first, it is like this, starting with a search and clicking on ‘go to No Time For Dreaming’ under the three dot menu for the second track listed:


With this under versions for album page (2nd shot above) - note 2 entries shown for the album:

But no sign of the album when scrolling down and opening All Main Albums from the Artist page.

So I can get from album (once found in roundabout way) to Artist, but not other way around.