Album not found but tracks yes

Roon Core Machine

Intel i7 16Gb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Files are in local disk

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

20.000 ca.

Description of Issue

I search an Album on the general search from home Page and Roon find only the Qobuz version if I chose to see the album for that Pearson on library Roon find nothing. If I search on tracks the track and Album are find. Why this?

Hi @Flavio61,

Thank you for your heroic demonstration of patience in awaiting a staff response.

To confirm, local albums that you’ve confirmed are in your library are failing to appear in Search, but you can find local tracks from these same albums in Search? These albums are NOT appearing in Roon → Library → Albums?

If the files are on the local disk and not an external or networked storage location, then we’ll want to investigate the possibility that custom tags are interfering with the association of track and album. Do you have any custom tags added for your local content?

Additionally, please share a screenshot of your Watched Folder settings for the location where you are storing these albums. You can access your Watched Folders settings in Roon → Settings → Storage by clicking on the three dots and selecting “Edit.”

We’ll proceed from there with next steps. Thank you!

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