Album not recognized correctly

I noticed that the album “Straum, Stille” by Nils Okland does not get recognized correctly. Is there a specific way to report such Metadata issues?

For now reporting is as per your post.
In app reporting is on the roadmap, no idea when though mind.

Thanks, a small correction on my post… Roon is mixing up these two albums by the same artist (Slagr)… the first album is “Polar Lights” and the second album is “Straum, Stille”… These were purchased through Qobuz and have the correct metadata in the FLAC files.

Original files were bought from:

Have you tried to edit the ID ? Follow the little pencil icon.

Yes, first time couldn’t get it done, had to remove the folder and recopy it for edits to stick… weird.

Do you mean you externally edited the tags ?

I meant did you use the album ID editor within Roon? This is often a really quick method to assign the correct album without using any external tag edits.

Lost lots of edits I made using the roon editor (I moved files and didn’t realize the edits would be lost) so resorting lately to using external editors to preserve the metadata inside the files