Album not showing all tracks War Of The Worlds

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Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds

DSD is getting all mixed up in listing. Tried to fix with metataging but Roon is being stubborn. This rip contains both 2ch and 6ch versions as some SACD’s can provide. The SACD and iTunes release contained same tracks, time. There are many versions or ways tracks have been spliced together.
Note this would be a 15gb file upload if files are required.
This listing matches:

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Hi @Jerry_B,

If you use the filter by path option on the Tracks browser do they all appear in Roon?

list one album DSD 64 stereo version thats there properly with correct track listing (but I can only find recents not by artist name) and then picture below for stereo version which lists by artist name.

There is a CD version present lists no problem. being a different file type I assume it shouldn’t affect this?

the 5.1 listing is sorted out took Disk 3 and Disk 4 of (5.1 mix) Columbia Other Release the problem is still last three songs of disk two don’t match… Which is funny as disk 3 and 4 have right track listing, disc 1 and 2 do not. With two parts to dead london instead vs two parts to Epilogue

With SACD both Stereo and Multi Channel come from same disc.


So then I try to select none of these look right and use file data and wind up with this:

These files would be 4.52gb to upload.
This would be correct track listing which matches MetaTags of files.

The Coming Of The Martians
1-1 The Eve Of The War 9:07
1-2 Horsell Common And The Heat Ray 11:36
1-3 The Artilleryman And The Fighting Machine 10:36
1-4 Forever Autumn 7:42
1-5 Thunder Child 6:07

The Earth Under The Martians
2-1 The Red Weed (Part 1) 5:53
2-2 The Spirit Of Man 11:38
2-3 The Red Weed (Part 2) 5:25
2-4 The Artilleryman Returns 1:27
2-5 Brave New World 12:15
2-6 Dead London 8:35
2-7 Epilogue (Part 1) 2:31
2-8 Epilogue (Part 2) (NASA) 1:50

From Discogs link above I understand Roon wants to stay separate from Discogs but it should accept it’s data in cases like this. It is like Wikipedia if an error exists you can report and get fixed. In this case I have the SACD which I ripped myself. The SACD did not have embedded meta data so I edited myself using the Discogs listing as it matched the catalog number and UPC of my disc. Including the song names printed on disc. I do not think you need to get rid of other listings as there are many versions. Just need to add this one.

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Glad to report Jriver Media Center plays this backup of War of the Worlds SACD fine. In fact seems to sound better than Roon.

Amazing Roon does all this but can’t simply deal with files that are properly MetaTagged that don’t match its library. Databases are always a pain.

Hi @Jerry_B,

Can you send this album to us so I can have the team do some testing?

You can upload the album here:

Thanks for the followup, @Jerry_B. Let’s start with just the Stereo files. Try this link:

5.1 is detected properly anyway by by the release you suggested.
This SACD doesn’t seem to generate track numbers, names or artist names.
Would it make sense to create a faq on how to name discs in these circumstances.

Thanks for sending those over, @Jerry_B. I’ll get the team to look at this. Yes, I agree that a FAQ with information would be good here, I’ll make sure we update our docs.

Wow, I thought I was the only other person who bought this album!

(Sorry, off topic. Carry on.)

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Hi @Jerry_B,

Apologies, I know our QA team’s queue is a bit longer than typical so I’ve requested an update and upped the priority on this — I’ll be sure to follow up soon.

Very, very popular in the UK.
The two-disc album remains a bestseller, having sold 15 million copies worldwide.[2] In 2018, it was named the 32nd best-selling studio album of all time in the UK.[

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The only version I don’t own is 8 track :wink:
3 albums, 2 CD’s, SACD and last but not least the most amazing sounding Compact Cassette.
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Any word on this issue? Fairly simple wrong track listing

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Yet again the listing for this has split into three albums from having one with incorrect listing.

It does all that but not this correctly.

Hi @Jerry_B,

I just wanted to let you know we are working with our metadata provider on a solution and we’ll be sure to reach out once we’ve received further information from them.

I really don’t understand this answer.
The track listing is correct for 5.1 files but incorrect for stereo files.
Other problems like this get fixed in a short time yet here we are waiting since August…was it something I said?
The pictures show you the correct track names from included booklet.
The listing used incorrectly is for the version with Liam Neeson narrating a newer version, this is older version with Richard Burton. The different version don’t sound the same, have different catalogue numbers, different UPC codes.

Why not simply allow user to override Roon by checking a box and then use meta data embedded in files.

Feeling ignored

Hi @Jerry_B,

Can you try re-identifying this album in Roon? Some changes were made to the underlying data for this album which should help. Please let me know!

Good Day

The weird thing is I converted the same 2ch DSD files to 24/48 pcm and they detect fine…prior to your message.

So removed both the 2ch and 5.1ch DSD versions from the Roon library then cleaned up the library. Restarted the Roon server. Again clean library and cleaned up some more deleted files.

Then copied the 2ch and 5.1ch DSD versions back to library. The 5.1 version showed up on recent activity and the 2ch version did not.

Great news the 2ch DSD version shows as one album with 2 sides and the 24/48 version I made also shows up as a version under same entry.

Thanks very much
Stay safe

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