Album on Qobuz not showing up in Roon

This is an issue I can’t seem to get a clear answer on.

Qobuz has a lot more albums on their desktop app

This is my issue: When I search Beethoven, for instance, on Roon I get about 55 albums total. I have both Tidal and Quboz and my own collection linked on Roon. When I search Beethoven directly on Qobuz in it’s own app or on the Bluesound Controller, I get 130 albums and performances of much better quality. Why isn’t Roon picking up all of the Qobuz album options?

The same happens with Lee Morgan in jazz for instance. Rolling Stones, etc.

Rolling Stones = 16 albums on Roon total. This is Tidal and Qobuz combined.
When I go on Qobuz directly, it’s 100’s of albums by the Stones. This can’t be normal.

I can also find single songs from artists and then click through to the whole album. But that same album doesn’t show up on a search of the artist.

I’m still in the free test mode on Roon and Qobuz and still learning, but I thought this was the main reason for getting Roon - better searching, deeper experience in the library, etc.

Seem like a glitch in the application. I’m using the desktop version. Am I missing something here??

I see at least 50 odd rolling stones albums just with Tidal.

Hi @Kevin_Appel,

Using the Stones as an example — Roon groups similar Versions of an album together. This also includes albums that already exist in your library. You can find these other Versions by going to the album and selecting Versions. If there are any you can’t find this way just let us know and we’d be happy to take a closer look!

Thanks. Having the same issue. Stephen Malkmus’ new record Traditional Techniques is on Qobuz, and not showing up on Roon. Thoughts?

Tidal so probably not long for the buz

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