Album organisation on Artist Page

What more would you have them do iro 3 ???

@evand - you ask what more I would have Roon do in terms of better album organisation on the artist pages.

Happy to explain.

Currently, on the artist page, entries are grouped under the following release types:

Main albums
Singles and EPs
With Various Artists

Only the top 2 relate to the artist’s own releases. My request is to improve this categorisation of items on the artist page. The main improvement would be to add “compilations” and “bootlegs” to the above menu. This would make it much easier to browse artists who have large collections. So, the entries on the artist page would be grouped into:

Albums (I would ditch the term “main” as this is ambiguous and unclear)
Singles and EPs
Compilations (i.e. a collection of tracks from various albums and sources, but all are by the same artist)
Bootlegs (based on the bootleg tag in Roon)
With Various Artists (this is obviously different from “compilations” above)

To take this one step further and add a little more, I would also add the options “DJ mix” and “soundtrack”. Obviously, all these headings would only appear on the artist page if there were entries to populate them.

I have requested this in a separate thread elsewhere, and I recall that the devs had indicated that improvements in this area were planned, so I await with hope.

Only thing I’d change from what you wrote is I’d have appearances ahead of various artists

There should be ~8-12 slots for categories. We should be able to name the categories and define the sort order as desired. While it would be wonderful to have sort-order potentially differ for each artist, or for each storage location; if the settings need to apply across the entire library, that would be fine too.

Personally, my probable categories & sort order would be:

  • Main Albums
  • Compilations
  • Live
  • Appears On (i.,e. VA compilations)
  • Spoken Word (i.e. interviews, etc)

If you asked 100 Roon users to list their probable choices, you’d probably get about 80 or more unique answers. It needs to be customizable, with room for growth.

Extracted to it’s own thread for debate. Thanks for the suggestions above, any other comments/suggestions welcome.

Don’t you have any singles, EPs or bootlegs @trtlrock? :smiley:

Also, why do you want to keep the word “main” before albums? Do you have any “not main” albums?

I second your idea of allowing the users to define the categories and the sort order of these categories. I suppose it depends how much extra work this would take to code, and any potential problems the devs might see with this. At least my idea would be easily and quickly implementable (I presume - I have no background in coding)!

Sure-- but I don’t care about the original delivery container/medium/format. And yes, I could live (or not) without the word ‘main’ preceding albums. Regardless, this little micro-conversation we’re having speaks loudly to the need for customization…

In artist view is there a way to have albums sorted by album name instead of (release or added) date?

I don’t believe that there is.

Any progress on the original feature request?