Album purchased from Qobuz unidentifiable? [resolved: need update from metadata services]

I had this Qobuz album added to my library. As you can see, it is identified in Roon.

I decided to buy it and download it to my local library. For some reason Roon now shows the local copy as “Unidentified”. I tried using the edit tool to identify it, but no luck.

Any idea what’s going on here?

PS - I noticed on the local copy the composer information under the track was missing, so I added it using a tag editor, but that made no difference. I I also tried matching the way artist is showing, but again, no luck.

Roon only shows the “identified” or “unidentified” tag on local files, I think. Second, what “unidentified” means is that whatever source Roon uses for metadata doesn’t have this album’s information its database yet.

What it’s showing you is the Qobuz reported information on that album, not whether or not it’s identified or isn’t in Roon metadata database.

Second, when you say you used a Tag Editor, what program did you use and did you use the correct tags?

Lastly, if the album is truly “identified” even when streaming from Qobuz, there will be the album review or whatever blurb they get about it, shown. It is not there in your photos. When that album gets into the database, Roon will go get that metadata and add it for you. This album was “unidentified” for a while as well. Now it is “identified.”

Thank you for the response. :grinning:

I use mp3tag to edit tags.

I do have other local albums that are identified by Roon, but lack any review, so that doesn’t necessarily seem to be a factor.

It just seemed odd to me that any albums from Qobuz would be unidentified in Roon. Hopefully, Roon’s data sources will get updated.

Ok, but I still think that Roon only appends the “identified” or “unidentified” to local files which is why you don’t see “unidentified” in the Qobuz version.

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I appreciate the clarification. :+1:

No problem. I was just trying to find some unidentified albums in my library and Focus only has an “identified” criteria, which seems useless imo.

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Roon cannot use Qobuz metadata, which is just for Qobuz streaming, for local albums, even if bought from Qobuz. Local albums are identified from several metadata sources that Roon licenses, such as AllMusic. Those often lag a lot behind album release. Recording labels do a terrible job providing metadata to AllMusic and other metadata sources.

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If you click on the “Identified” criteria (which has a + sign by it), you turn it into the NOT condition, i.e. “Unidentified”. This works for a number of the Focus criteria.

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@Saturn94 - I wonder if this is not being identified because it’s a single?

Personally, I’ve purchased plenty of albums from Qobuz, and while occasionally I have had to help Roon to identify an album by manually identifying it, the majority are automatically recognised.

I’ve not come across a case like this before where a Qobuz album that has been released for a while cannot be recognised.

I’ll move this thread across to the Metadata Issues category, where it will be seen by those responsible for metadata issues in Roon Labs.

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Thank you for moving this thread.

Yes, this seemed odd to me as well. However, I’ve only purchase 8 albums so far from Qobuz, so I have no idea how common this is. This is the first one I purchased that shows as “Unidentified” in Roon.

Thanks, I had no idea.

Hi @Saturn94

Identification requires us to have data from our metadata sources. In this case, we have information from Qobuz for the streaming version, but we don’t have information from our other sources that we can use for local albums. If one of our sources gets data for this (such as MusicBrainz which allows for user entry) it can then be identified.

Thanks for the clarification.

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