Album rating dialog on iPad doesn't show the actual user rating of the album

Roon Core Machine

MacOS Catalina, Mac Mini, i7, 16GB
Roon Core v1.8 (build 884)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

iPad on WiFi via Apple AirPortExtreme
Roon Core on Wired ethernet
Main network router: MikroTik RB4011iGS+RM

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Unity HE

Number of Tracks in Library

+10k Tracks

Description of Issue

I’m trying to use the current iPad App (Roon Remote v1.8.00880) to rate my albums, however have observed that the rating dialog display a user rating even though no rating has been set for the particular album.
Restarting the app cause the rating dialog to reset, but it only lasts until the first album has been rated.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the Roon app on the iPad.
  2. Locate an album.
  3. Click on the ratings to open the ratings dialog
    This will now correctly show the current user rating for the album.
  4. Rate the album and close the dialog to save changes.
  5. Locate another album
    This can be a rated or non-rated album.
  6. Click on the ratings to open the dialog
    The rating for the previous album will now be shown, even though the current album may have a different rating or no rating at all.

Is this a known bug?

Have you rebooted the roon server and client just to make sure they aren’t in a funny state.

Just tried to reboot the Roon Core - same behaviour.

As mentioned in initial post, restarting the iPad app will make it work correctly for the first album (it will show the actual rating), however any subsequent edits will show the rating set for the previous album edited.

It’s only on the iPad I observe this - on my MacBook Air, running the latest Roon app, it works correctly (both on wi-fi and on cabled network).

I have exactly the same problem. Everytime I rate an album the rating of the previous album I rated changes too. Moreover most of the ratings I have given yesterday have not been saved at all. At the same time a lot of albums I have never given a personal rating have been given a certain personal rating which did not come from me. There seems to be a bug which did not change after rebooting.

I have a NUC Roon core and the app on the IPad. Most of my music is on Quobuzz.

Seems there’s some issues with the iPad version.

I have not observed that album’s I have not rated, have been rated, however since I discovered this issue, I’ve not really been using the iPad to do the ratings.
When I can’t trust what’s being shown on screen correspond to what is actually present in Roon, I don’t dare to use the app.

I recognise this too, but is the rating actually applied or is it only showing the previous rating suggested for this unrated album? For me it is only displayed and not applied. If you exit, you will see the album is still being unrated.

So far I have only experienced what you also mention, that a rating as being shown for un-rated albums, and if I just leave the dialog, no rating is being saved.

Will need to do some further testing, to see if I can provoke what @Joris_Schreurs reports happens - where ratings a saved for albums randomly.

As mentioned before, I’ve kind of stopped using the iPad app for ratings, cause of this issue.

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