Album Ratings in Main Albums View

Ok, I dont know if this has already been brought, but it seems invaluable to me. When browsing an artist, you get the albums of said artist in Tidal/Qobuz in the main albums section. In this view, there appears each album rating. But if one clicks on view all main albums, the ratings disappear. I would like to ask for the ratings to remain. For me, it helps a lot when exploring, specially artists with many releases.

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I think mine does display them is this what you mean?

The problem doesn’t appear on Mobiles. One of the very few advantages they have over other remotes.

Ah! There has to be some upside :smirk:.

Precisely. On my Mac, and on my iPad, this is what I view

I agree with this request. Using v 1.8 and finding it harder to know the ratings on albums without clicking in. Would rather have the option to only select the higher rated albums.