Album re-issue metadata same as original release?

I noticed that the metadata for re-issues is the same as for the original release. Is this how Roon is supposed to work? For example, I’ve been buying the 2013 import re-issues from Everything But the Girl. The metadata for the original and re-release is identical though on sites like Amazon there are different reviews for each.

It varies. When you request Roon to indentify the album you may have several options, including several different renditions of the same album with bonus tracks, a change in track order, different record labels, and/or different track lengths.

Thank you for the reply. I should have been more clear. I am referring mainly to the review of the album being the same. With the re-issues I am talking about, the # of tracks is completely different than the original release (2cd vs 1cd). When I identify the re-issue I select the one that matches in terms of # of tracks, length, etc. If all other meta data is different why would the review be the same as the original release. On a related note, where does Amazon get its metadata??

Not sure about when it comes to the reviews. You would expect updated info on fresh releases if applicable changes were made. Here’s a link I just pulled up on metadata sources. Something I plan to read up on…

I have used BlissHQ on my Sonos collection. It worked pretty good.

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