Album Recognition or Composition Recognition, but not both?

A boxset, Celibidache’s French and Russian Music, contains 11 disks, and is one of the few boxsets that gets IDed with 100% accuracy (!)


Bolero, Ravel’s signature work (one track), does not get IDed along with the other 7 performances in my library or the 132 in TIDAL.

So, I do all I know how to do. I open the file in my tagger, check carefully for complete composition specification (which I know to be the title, opus, and composer), Reidentify Track, and … YES. It is IDed (the composition date flashes) but only for an instant. Then, it reverts back to it unIDed status. It seems Roon overlays an album ID and cancels the composition ID.

So, for giggles, I purposefully unID the entire boxset. Guess what happens next? Bolero is now IDed, but it’s a Pyrrhic victory, because the rest of the boxset is now unIDed. Sigh.

And so it continued to flipflop. As soon as I re-IDed the boxset, Bolero went anonymous again.

This is by no means an isolated example. And, I think it is a bug in your logic.

I have seen where Roon can identify a Composition without IDing its album. But once an album is IDed, none of its compositions can be reIDed. [That is my assertion, anyway.]

This logic flaw should be fixed because it can become a monumental time suck trying to fix it. The alternative is to leave it broken and lose the unIDed composition forever, since it will become an orphan among 20K+ tracks.

This logic flaw should also be fixed because THE selling point of Roon is its ability to link with the rich metadata, but that value proposition is currently true only a fraction of the time. And because of the frustration such flaws create, it should be given a high priority, similar to the way you moved to fix the playing sync problems in December.

It may be tempting to blame this on faulty metadata. I think the software could be modified to navigate this condition, and do so without doing greater harm than good.

Thanks for listening.