Album release date

What shall I do to focus on albums based on their original release date?

See example below. Under focus, I filtered for my albums released since 2005 and I got returned this very old album that reads on top “2 August 2005” and then further down a “release year of 1959”. I guess that 2005 is the version release date, while 1959 is the first release date.

If so:

  1. current state of affairs is confusing because focus mode generally prompts for “release date” (not specifying whether version release or else) while the query result shows for “release” a different value than what selected in the search criteria;
  2. for what I’m concerned, I would consider 1959 as the correct release date, hence this album would not be returned as part of the query result.


The Focus uses whatever date you have set in your preferences:

Settings > General > Album dates for sorting > Original Release Date / Release Date (of the album)

Try that and see if it helps.


this explains indeed, although does not solve as then the root cause may reside in the quality of Roon’s metadata.

My settings were already with “original release date”. In the specific example, the cause is with Roon metadata (see screenshot) where the original release date is reported as 2005 > album release date 1959.
This seems impossible to me (unless I miss something). For now, I think it’s reasonable to consider original release date = MIN(release dates). You may want to implement this rule in your metadata: correct original release date = MIN(original release date, MIN(album release dates)). This because you may know that the original release date is actually before all the known albums you have in your database…

As a side note, but this is more semantics, settings reads “album dates for sorting” but it does not mention filtering. Could you please rename to “album dates for sorting and filtering”?


Thanks Enrico for this. I’m not Roon staff, but I’ll pass your comments along to them for consideration.