Album showing in search results but not discography

“Nightclubbing” not showing in Grace Jones’ discography? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

does, though, come up when searching, instead, for “nightclubbing”:

Can’t explain but it shows up for me. Even 6 more


probably a region issue. What regions are you both in?

The Netherlands

wouldn’t show at all

Yes, I did miss that, I misunderstood.

Edit - no scratch that - you haven’t got it selected…

You appear to have your “in your Library” icon selected, so it’s just showing the albums from her Discography that you have added to your Library.

Turn off the icon if you want to see her entire discography…

Scratching my head instead…

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Maybe @support should be notified?

They already have been because this thread is in the Support category of the forum.

Sorry missed that.

Hi @pl_svn

It’s showing okay for me as well. Is the Night Clubbing album in your library? If so, have you made any edits to it at all? Have you made any edits to the artist?

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nope: not in my library (in fact I searched it right for this) and no edits to either it or the artist

does show, in GJ’s discography, now that I added it