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I opened Roon to play an album (Best of Bill Withers) and all of the song assignments are screwed up (Lovely Day points to the file for Ain’t no Sunshine, etc). I hadn’t used Roon in a while at this house and it used to be fine. What screwed up the database? How best to fix it?

Hi @Jiri_Nechleba . I’ve traced this to some bad metadata from TiVo and have asked them to correct it. I’ll keep you posted.

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when do you think this will be fixed? is there any way to override this, when I setup roon, years ago, I had clean metadata. if roon can’t deliver clean metadata, that’s a big problem.

It usually takes TiVo a couple of days to fix and publish the metadata and for us to incorporate it into our database. It then takes up to a week for your library to update to the latest metadata.

You can un-identify the album if you like (use “basic file metadata”).

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This is now corrected in our live database. The metadata in your library should be updated in due course (it will take up to a week), but it might be prudent to “Re-identify” the album.

Album → Edit → Re-identify.

Thanks much!

Oops, my red highlight was wrong. I meant the option below it!