Album sort by -- changing default -- and forcing Qobuz updates

Two simple questions:

How can I change the default Sort By for Albums? I want it set to Date Added, but it keeps reverting back to Artist. I’ve been unable to find a setting for this.

How can I force an update/reload of the Albums list when I add new Qobuz favorites? I added several albums this morning and Roon has not updated the Albums list yet, even after restart. Is there generally a lag from Qobuz through the API?


When looking at Albums the sort function right hand side gives you drop down with options.
It should stay selected after you set it.

…and the direction of the arrow (up or down) sets the direction of the sort. It’s not immediately obvious, but the arrow is a separate click/touch region from the Sort criterion next to it.

I see you added more to your initial post which hopefully this will answer too.

Settings:services: Qobuz:edit.
You will then see sync library now, which does exactly that.
A forced sync.

However occasionally brand new releases in Qobuz can take a few hours to show up in Roon no matter what.
But most other cases the sync should bring them in.

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BTW this is in Roon on a Mac. I do change the Sort By setting (to date Added), but much of the time it reverts back to Sort By: Artist. This happens if I go back to Albums from an album display.

That’s the only way I know and it stays where I set it no matter what or where I go inside Roon or even if I force stop and restart the app.
That’s on Android phone and tablet,. iPad mini4 and win10 remotes.

Don’t have a Mac to test unfortunately.

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