Album sort issues

After re downloading the ROON REMOTE app when I try to sort albums by most recent added
the albums come up from 6 years ago.

When on sort:date added there is an arrow next to it, click it.
It reverse sorts it to either newest or oldest.
Not obvious or explained well but it’s a feature

In fact each of the sort options can be handled the same way so artist a-z or z-a etc.


I don’t see the arrow you mentioned

It is necessary to sort the collation, that is, what sort first and then what sort, rather than the built-in fixed rule order, can not be controlled, Audirvana Plus is implemented.

In addition, the sequence number support is not good, such as * 1, * 11, * 2, normal should be * 1, * 2, * 11, rather than a simple string internal code sorting.

I have 30,000 albums and it takes 3 seconds to sort. I don’t think I have the best performance.

You see my screenshot which shows the arrow next to date added?
You mean on your remote you dont see that?
Can you post same screenshot as I did then please with the sort albums dropdown.