Album sort not working permanently!

Guys every time I go to settings in roon and under the library settings I asked for the albums to be sorted by the newest most recent it works initially and then as soon as I close the Roon app and restart the app it goes back to the default sort

This is really annoying as I want a permanent way of looking at albums that I’ve just added to my library after I’ve heard a song from the albums and I don’t want to have to keep sorting by the latest first, every single time ! — can this get fixed please if this is a bug? Thanks

Ideally I want to be able in settings to save the sorting feature as a permanent feature across all devices that have roon

Hey @Adam_Hextall,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing how you’re experiencing your album sorting. We’d love to help figure this out.

Could you please share a screenshot of your Settings, a screenshot of that Setting correctly applied on the view you’re referring to and finally, a screenshot of the same view after re-launching Roon.

I’ll keep an eye out for your reply :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka

Its weird. I’m now on an android device but see the settings page and still no proper sort

Really annoying

Hopeful this can get fixed unless I’m using the wrong settings?



Hello @Adam_Hextall

Thank you for getting back to us with these screenshots. These are very helpful. If looks like you have Sort by artist selected in this image you uploaded. You need to select Sort by date added.

If the image you uploaded was to demonstrate that the sort preferences reverts to Sort by artist after closing and reopening the Roon app, please restart the device and see if that corrects the issue.

If not, please uninstall the app on that device, restart, and then reinstall.

Does this issue occur only on this device or do you also experience this on other remotes?

Please let us know if these recommendations resolve you issue. Thanks!

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Hi Jamie and thank you for this but what I’m trying to ask for is a permanent default setting so that everytime I close the room app down on my phone or my iPad and I open the rune app again on my phone or my iPad the albums are automatically sorted by the latest added that’s all I want but I want it to be defaulted and set in stone if that makes sense?


Seems like everytime I set it under settings to sort by latest added I then go back to albums and I always seem to get the same default setting

I think there’s a misunderstanding here. The Browser Sort Preference settings in Settings > General don’t do what you think they do.

They set the initial states for the date sort orders, but these are subsequently overridden by the states that you set in the Browsers themselves. The date sort order settings in General > Settings are a holdover from earlier versions of Roon. They no longer set permanent sort order in the Browsers. Now the date sort orders are “sticky” in the Browsers themselves (and these are also unique to each Roon UI client. So you can have different sort orders on different devices if you wish).

Have you noticed the little arrows by the sort options in the Browsers? Click on these to change from newest to oldest or vice versa (and from A - Z to Z - A for Artists/Composers)