Album Sound Quality

Is it worth setting up or is there a database or thread of Roon users rating the sound quality of albums? Or perhaps Roon could introduce a Roon recommended album from within the app? I appreciate that there is such a huge variance and subjectiveness associated with the sound quality of music. Who and how it was recorded and mastered make a huge difference, however I still think it would be useful to have a reference point for those recordings that people think warrant it. After all enjoyment of the recorded arts is what most of us are interested in. A kite mark for sound quality I know has been the holy grail for audiophiles.

Where on earth would you start, there is so much music out there. I think we have to find out for ourselves and share as we go.

Discussion (sometimes obsessive!) about sound quality, mastering, etc. is much of what is posted at this forum. No need to duplicate it at the Roon forum (in my opinion).