Album Split And Tracks Missing

Hi, I have a collection of bootleg albums and most are handled properly but 1 in particular has me stumped, “Bonnie Raitt & Friends”. Roon shows 2 different albums with some tracks in one and the others in the other album. Viewing this album in JRiver and Foobar it is displayed correctly. I have tried reverting the Metadata in Roon and retagging but get the same results. I am using Roon 1.1 on a W7 64 laptop.

Do you perhaps have id3 and VorbisComments tags in the same files?

I think @evand is probably on the right track here. This is probably going to be related to tags.

Can you confirm that this album has the same album and album artist tags, and that the tracks are numbered sequentially, either by track number tags or by file name?

Tagging was probably done using “Live Tagger” in Foobar not sure about
id3 or Vorbis but as I mentioned Foobar and JRiver have no problems with
the album tags. When I hit “Revert” in Roon “Edit” does that clear tags?
I can remove tags in Foobar and tag in Roon which I suspect will correct
the problem.

Roon doesn’t edit or modify tags, but it does use them as a clue for identifying albums. You don’t want to clear them, but you do want to make sure they’re giving Roon the right information, so the albums can be grouped together and identified properly.

If, for example, you have different “album artist” tags in different tracks, Roon may be mistaking this album for multiple albums in a single folder.

You can check the tags for your album in Roon, by selecting a track or two and choosing Track Info, then selecting File Tags.

I am not seeing any difference in the tags in Roon. Also if I open the properties in Foobar it shows multiple values for only track #, track titles & disc #.

As far as I know Roon will load ID3 tags ahead of VorbisComments so if you have both in your files you won’t know which you’re looking at without a tag editor to show them separately. Worth looking into if you cannot see any discrepancies.

I have multiple programs to manage music including MusicBee, MP3tag, J River, Foobar & Roon but am not sure if any of them will accomplish what you suggested. I have looked thru the functions of MP3tag but didn’t see anything. Any suggestions?

I can take a look at the media here @Mark_Ozdoba – can you zip up an album that’s been split by Roon, and upload it to Dropbox or similar?

If you don’t have anywhere to upload it, or if you need more detailed instructions, just let me know and I can send you steps to upload the album to our server.


[quote=“Mark_Ozdoba, post:8, topic:8541”]
Any suggestions?
[/quote]in Windows all that comes to mind is metaflac.

Thanks for your responses Evan, I probably should have been clearer in my description of the problem. Tracks are not missing they are just separated into the second occurrence of the album ie. tracks 1,3-10 might be in the first album and 2 & 11 might be in the second.

Mike I don’t have a Dropbox acct. so if you can give me a link to upload to your server I would appreciate it. Also a brief explanation of why I would zip the files as using 7-Zip they barely compress?

This is standard for us because it preserves the exact folder structure of your album, so we can reproduce exactly how the album looks on your drive.

Just sent you instructions via PM @Mark_Ozdoba – take a look and let me know when you’ve sent the zip. We’ll take a look.


Hi Mike I have uploaded 1 of the albums that is having this problem, hopefully from what you find I will be able to fix the others.
I am running Roon Version 1.1 (build 102) stable (64 bit)
W7 64bit on a Dell E6430 w/ 8gb

Okay so I am making progress, partly by using the Album Merge feature but still find the metadata is kind of funky. Specifically things like save an album to the desktop delete the album from Roon/Monitored Drive, check the metadata in Foobar, copy back into Monitored Drive and metadata is still very mixed up. Another problem is an album with 2 discs is only displaying 1 of 2. I cut the disc 2 from the Monitored Drive, pasted to desktop, checked metadata w/ Foobar, copied back to MD but it still doesn’t show up in Roon. I have also checked the files using AudioTester to insure that they were not corrupt.

All in all I find Roon’s handling of metadata is not as efficient/good as Foobar or Jriver.

Perhaps in its current form, that will change.