Album title starting with ... not registered

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon Server on Synology v1.7 build 511 stable
Connected to Synology Share on the same unit

Description Of Issue

Genesis album title is “…And then there were three”
On copying the folder containing the FLAC files from a windows 10 PC to the Music share the core server failed to identify the folder, and didnt index the contents.
On changing the name to “And then there were three” it worked.

Hi @PJ_Bryant,
On Unix/Linux files and folders that start with a “.” are considered hidden by the operating system. As you have discovered removing the dots is the way to avoid this.


Ta, should have thought of that! Never really considered the underlying OS as a participant. But… in other news, that does give me a quick way of hiding some music that I want to store in the same place on the NAS, but not be catalogued in Core :slight_smile:

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works as expected in Windows 10

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