Album tracks are not the same as played

I played carol sloane album and the tracks number as at the orginal disc are not the same as played with ROON.
track #4 on ROON = “Devil May Care” on DISC “September in the Rain”
“September in the rain” is on track #12. All tracks are mismatched.

Have you “Identified” the album, if it hasn’t self-identified??

roon’s track labeling for the album Heart’s Desire is wrong even when the album is identified. Editing it to use file metadata rather than roon metadata corrects the mislabeling. The problem is that the tracks are mislabeled at Allmusic. However, they are correct at musicbrainz. @support

file metadata doesn’t help, tracks mismatched are still the same.
If I played track #4, the song is correct “September…” and not “Devil…”
all other software are correct (MC25, Audirvana …) Why not ROON???
I am still using ROON, because I like the sound performance and have live time, otherwise MC25 is an alternative.

file metadata corrects it for me. What is the source of your file? Did you rip it from a cd or download it? Where did the metadata in the file itself come from? (roon won’t edit the metadata in the file.)

it is a rip file, the metadata files came from the ripped file. Why this is not happen on other software (MC25, Audirvana, HQ player…)?

There are often multiple releases of the same albums that vary across regions.

If you are confident that the metadata are correct I suggest you go to the album page and click on the three dots next to the Focus button and press Edit. Then click on the Metadata Preference button and set the preferences for tracks to Prefer File.

It doesn’t happen with others because they must get their metadata from sources other than tivo. What did you use to rip the tracks? Have you checked the metadata in your files using Windows Explorer? Mine was ripped using dbpoweramp with metadata from musicbrainz. By the way, the metadata that the discogs API returns is wrong, too, although the tracks appear to be correctly listed in discogs. The freedb metadata appears to be correct also. I have sent a correction notice to TiVo (the metadata provider for both allmusic and roon) though who knows how long it will take them to correct things…

In reply to Martin_Webster, there is just the one release of this album, the one on Concord 4503.

My comment was a general reference to “… the tracks number as at the original disc are not the same as played with ROON.” If the album is in MusicBrainz it should be identifiable with Roon, but that depends on the quality of the metadata generated during the ripping process.

I ripped using dBpoweramp and I Iripped again with gd3 and musicbrainz, result remain the same.
The album is indeed Concord 4503.

I think, I will give up and maybe the expertise from ROON will fix this issue.
Thank you,

Hi @Hoo_Kong_Njoo,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon?