Album tracks not found by Roon

Description of Issue
Roon not importing some tracks from albums

This is a sort of reverse support post - something I discovered (maybe well known so apologies if so) that may help others. I noticed last night that two albums I had ripped from CDs had not been identified by Roon (not unusual at all). However the reason was that they were missing a track. I checked the skipped files and no mention of the 2 tracks being skipped. I checked the folders on my NAS and both tracks were present. I followed the trouble shooting to locate tracks by path in the Tracks section - they did not show.

I mulled it over a bit and then it struck me - both files had a question mark in the file name (both motets where the title of the motet was a question and the ripper had added the file names automatically). So I removed the question mark from both files and rescanned the albums and the tracks did not show up. However this morning both albums now have the missing tracks present so it took a full library rescan to find them which happened automatically overnight.

So 3 things came out of this:

  1. A quick rescan of an individual album is not picking up changes just made
  2. Skipped files list does not always show skipped files!
  3. If anyone is having a similar problem check for special characters in your file names (there were plenty of others in these file names but Roon did not like the question mark)

I hope this helps someone else.

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Hi @fietser. That was the strange thing - the files were not skipped. I did check that as I said. It was like Roon didn’t think they existed at all. And reading the link you provided explains that. I suppose this is then unhelpful behaviour as I would have had no idea these albums were incomplete had I not explored the unidentified albums again - something I do less often these days.

I think it’s just something you have to be aware of. If a folder name has … at the beginning, the album simply doesn’t appear at all. It took me a couple of months to notice that Norah Jones …Featuring was missing!

It’s not helped by different operating systems behaving differently; trying to make Roon consistent cross-platform must be a nightmare…

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