Album Type Curiosity

So when I imported my library this weekend I noticed, on the Focus popup, that 1/1 Album type was unknown. I managed to track down that one album and override the type. However, in the process I saw several other albums without a type as well, but Roon only complained about one of them (now fixed). Any ideas why this behavior? Here’s an example of one of the albums where the unknown album type didn’t cause a problem, and was treated as “Main”:

Here’s the one that did cause a problem, which I had to override as “Main”:

Hello @Darryl_Roberson,

Would you mind sending us that album? We can take a look to see if there’s anything strange regarding it, I will PM you instructions on how to send it over to us.


Done. Thanks for investigating. I’m curious what you find. I ripped this to flac with dBPoweramp, like all of my other redbook CDs.

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