Album type - 'Demo'

Under the option ‘album type’ I would like to have the option to choose ‘demo’.
I have quite a few demo’s and it would be nice to have them categorized as such.



That’s a great Idea and a nice addition to the marker for live recordings.

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Wow, weird for this topic to come up right after it ended my thread on Shuffling playlists and the discussion of hidden albums that arose from it (which then turned to preferred version being the non-hidden one).

My take is there should be a whole set of potential album types: original CD release, remaster (by who…), SACD rip, needle drop, live, demo, user compiled, etc. There could be default album types and then users should be able to specify their own. Then “preferred version” could read off of the user’s set hierarchy/priority of album types, with the ability to change the preferred version on an album by album basis, of course.

IDEALLY, this configuration could be mapped over from embedded metatag data within the files, so that those who have already configured a kind of album type through other media managers can leverage their work.